La Crêpe d'Elen


You’re hosting a big party and need some enjoyable food that can suit all your guests without making a big mess in your place ? You’re organizing an event and need to impress and satisfy a large audience? You’re looking for a funny stand to complete your festival with an orginal and tasty warm food? Our various kiosk pattern, trained team and extensive customizable menu can fit a large palet of activites.

Elegant simplicity

We bring to you the delectable flavors of a familial traditional Bretagne food. We select the best ingredients, custom the most suited menu, and take care of every details surrounding your meal. We enjoy being inventive while cooking simple yummy food with the healthiest ingredients.

Freshly prepared

Our flexible menu can be tailored to fit your needs perfectly, from an interactive crêpe station and boxed lunches to an elegant seated dinner. Crêpes are extremely versatile and make a delightful choice for any occasion. Our products can be served as an appetizer, entree, main course and of course, dessert!


the whole process of crêpes making is very entertaining to adults and children alike! With our well trained and organized team, it takes a record time to serve and suit peoples. We carefully choose a sample of our menu that we can cook easily on site, and then we serve it warm and crispy! Plus we make it easy to eat while standing up.

Ready to go

All that our kiosk require is a nice spot (inside or outside and a bunch of plugs. Water supplying is a plus. Our stand is easily transportable and customized and will be adapted to your particular event if needed. We can invest any space easily: We’ll make it friendly and welcoming and we will be ready in the blink of an eye.


We’ll schedule a tasting just for you in one of our crêperie, or assemble a tasting package to deliver in your place around Oslo! Since every event is different, the perfect menu can be created to fit your venue and budget. Fancy or casual, simple or elaborate, the limit is our imagination.