La Crêpe d'Elen

What is La crepe d'ELEN ?

Established since 2013, La Crêpe d’Elen is a traditional crêperie Bretonne in Oslo, with a family vibe. We share with our guests the delicious and original food from Bretagne.

Our main products are the very traditional Galettes, made with an imported bio flour from France (farine de sarrazin), filled with the fresh and local products of Oslo, perfect for all occasions. There is so much choice that the limit is really your imagination. The most traditional would be « la complète », filled with egg, ham and cheese.

For a sweet treat, try the crêpes: served warm or iced, they can be light or absolutely decadent. The most popular is the « nutella – strawberry », a classic that will delight you. 

Our products are gluten free friendly, lactose free friendly, and vegetarian friendly, so let us know what you’re up to ! 

our GALETTES - A french speciality for all occasions!

The galettes are a savoury version of the french pancakes that you already know. The taste is really different from the sweet crêpes dough, and it really like nothing you can imagine. 

Naturally gluten free and lactose free, they can be adapted to any type of diet. 

They are produced with a traditional wheat flour, “farine de sarrazin”, and filled with a immense variety of fresh products!

They are a perfect fit for a casual lunch or dinner. 

The most traditional fill is egg, cheese and ham, which won’t let you hungry.